It all began with a Sony TC 630 sound on sound tape machine and a Danelectro guitar. 

 Watching my Dad playing guitar and building his own amplifiers was what got me hooked and I never looked back. Hearing his Wes Montgomery, Chet Atkins and Hank Williams records was the spark and then ”experiencing” Jimi Hendrix, the Beatles and The Rolling Stones...that was the fire. 

 From there it was bands, the road, and the studio. The journey began in Sayreville,New Jersey, ran through Nashville, Dallas, Austin, and Boulder before settling down in Los Angeles, CA.  I’ve had the good fortune and joy of working with so many great players on the road and in the studios through the years. 

I finally decided to stream out or beam up some instrumental music of my own. I hope you enjoy it.  

SoCal to SC Update:  These days my wife, Jennifer and I are making our way in life and music from South Carolina.  The studio is up and running and we just did our first live performance in Columbia.   To follow us on our journey, you can always find us on Patreon.  (link in footer)