Our Glynn Sound recording studio is nestled in the Crescenta Valley of Southern California and has been part of the thriving Indie Music movement in Los Angeles since 1990.  We've enjoyed working with so many visionary artists and record labels through the years.  Our thanks to our friends at Vanguard, Alligator, Vantage, Sugarbone, Rounder, Remba, Razor & Tie, Twin Oaks, GIA, and Universe Music who have supported independent musicians worldwide. 

Here are some of the gifted musicians who have graced our recordings with their extraordinary talents throughout the years. 

Vocalists: Davie Gayle, Susan J. Paul, Rob McDonald, Dion Mial, Jamie Lula, Leslie Smith, Bret Levick, Michael Ruff, Niki Harris, Olivia-Foster Reese, Doreen Painchaud, Pat Daly, Mary Rice Hopkins, Randy Crenshaw, Sandy Howell, Scott Lively, Henry Perry, Sonny Salsbury, Angel Travis, Christi Clark, Andrea Lane, Donna De Lory 

Drums: Scott Preston, Xavier Marshall, Ryan Brown, Sinclair Lot, Tom Walsh, Jon Molo, Cary Stratton, Jonathan Dresel 

Bass: Rob McDonald, Ron Calese, Dave Keif, Kenny Gradney, Ernie Nunez, Trey Henry, Lloyd Moffitt, Rupert Pearl 

Guitar: James Harrah, Doug Macloed, Grant Geissman, Andrew York, David Neal, Nick Brown, Dorian Michael, Tom Bethke, Sven Spieker 

Keyboards: John "JT" Thomas, Michael Ruff, Liz Kinnon, Keith Heffner, David P. Murphy, Mark Portman 

Percussion: Leon Mobley, Brian Kilgore, Efrain Toro, Brad Dutz, Voyce McGinley, Kurtis Rassmussen, Luis Perez, Zurietu 

Saxophone: Tom Morgan Jr, Michael Benedict, Richard Kraus, Dick Mitchell 

Trumpet: Marisssa Benedict, Dennis Farias, Wayne Bergeron

Pedal Steel: JayDee Maness, Marty Rifkin, John McDuffie 

Lap Steel: Scot Ray

Dobro: Herb Pederson, John David 

Banjo: Herb Pederson, Wayne Rice, Rick Dunham 

Mandolin: Tom Corbett, Kenny Blackwell, Brad Picher 

Harmonica: Tommie Morgan, Dave McKelvey, Tollack Ollestad 

Violin: Candy Girard, David Strother, Sid Page, Byron Berline, Chris Woods, Darek Dowgielewicz, Brantley Kearns 

Cello: Adrienne Woods, John Krovoza